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Confirmation of Engagement

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Re: Confirmation of Engagement

Hello {{billing_first_name}} {{billing_last_name}},

Lillie N. Nkenchor, P.C., ("The Firm"), welcomes the opportunity to prepare your estate planning documents.

I've enclosed our firm's Terms of Engagement for Legal Services which includes our Scope of Engagement, Charges, Billing and Payment Arrangements, Staffing, and Our Agreement.

Please review this letter and the Terms of Engagement carefully. If this letter, and the Terms are not consistent with your understanding of our engagement in any respect, or if you have any questions concerning the nature and terms of our engagement, then please contact us promptly so that we can address your concerns at the outset.

The Scope of Our Engagement

We’re excited to help you prepare your DIY document. The Firm is being hired to draft your document for you and you only. The scope of our engagement is limited to the following:

  • Draft DIY document in the name of {{billing_first_name}}
  • One, thirty (30) minute virtual consultation to review your DIY document(s)
  • Email Final DIY documents (s) with execution instructions

Our Charges

We will draft DIY document in the name of {{billing_first_name}} at the flat fee of $1050.00. This fee includes one (1) draft, one thirty (30) minute consultation, and email of the final document with execution instructions. If further legal services are required, then another flat fee rate will be negotiated, or a $500/hourly rate shall be instituted. A legal retainer is required before any further legal services are initiated.

Our Billing and Payment Arrangements

Our firm requires 100-Percent (100%) payment, and this signed agreement, in order to begin legal services. Once payment, and this letter are submitted, under separate cover, you will receive an electronic intake form sent to this email address ({{billing_email}}). When you have completed the form, we will draft your document and contact you to schedule a review. After you have agreed to the final version of your DIY document, we will email you the document.

Our Expectation of You

It is our goal to complete your documents as quickly as possible, not to exceed two (2) months. As such, we expect you to be responsive to emails, phone calls and our requests for information. If due to your lack of participation, your document is not completed within two (2) months, then your matter will be paused and it will be up to you to re-engage the firm. All work conducted after re-engagement will be billed at the applicable hourly rate.

Your Responsibilities

In an effort to manage the cost of estate planning, while also providing high-quality counsel, we offer DIY Estate Planning Services. This model requires you to take the following steps:

  • Complete your payment electronically, in full (no partial payment allowed)
  • Sign this engagement letter
  • Complete your Intake Form. We have made the form self-explanatory, thus you likely will not need assistance completing the form
  • Schedule your thirty (30) minute consultation to discuss your document. If you do not attend the meeting, are late by more than five (5) minutes, or cancel/reschedule without providing at least twenty-four (24) hours notice, then you will be charged $50. No further planning or meetings will be conducted until the $50 fee is collected
  • When you receive the final document, you must (1) print on your own (2) bind on your own (3) secure two (2) disinterested* witnesses and (4) secure a notary (if applicable to your document). The Firm is not responsible for any of the above. It is imperative that you follow these instructions, as your document will not be valid if it is not printed, bound, witnessed, and notarized. The Firm is not responsible for documents that are not executed or are improperly executed.
  • *Disinterested means the witnesses neither benefit from your Will, nor are they your POA agent or Healthcare Proxy agent.

Our Agreement

In providing legal services to you, absent timely advice from you to the contrary, we will act in reliance upon the understanding that the enclosed Terms of Engagement, reflect our full and complete mutual understanding with respect to the terms of our retention. I would appreciate it if you signed the engagement letter as further confirmation of our understanding and of the terms of our engagement.

On behalf of Lillie N. Nkenchor, P.C., I thank you for the opportunity to help you create your estate planning vision. I look forward to serving you.

Lillie N. Nkenchor, Esq., LL.M.

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Signed by Lillie Nkenchor
Signed On: December 15, 2021

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