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Why Deathbed Planning is Difficult

Firstly, the stress! You’re preparing for the loss of a loved one. You’re undoubtedly running around, getting affairs in order, and notifying other loved ones. Or you are stunned and motionless. Either way now is not the best time to try to whip up a plan because you cannot be as present for your loved one.

Secondly, if someone is on their deathbed, they may have moments when they are not lucid, which makes planning more challenging. We need the Grantor to be awake and aware of everything that is happening.

Thirdly, if they are ill and cannot travel, then this requires attorneys, notaries, and witnesses to travel to your loved one. This may be more challenging and costly.

Lastly, planning is empowering, you get to tell your story and influence your legacy. Planning at the deathbed does not create the same emotions. In fact, it may make the process of losing someone more painful because the end of their life is so near.

Plan ahead, not on the deathbed.

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