DIY Planning

For those who have (1) all assets in the state in which they live (2) all assets pass at once to a spouse, child(ren), loved one, or charity (3) no minor children, and (4) no beneficiary has a special need and receives government benefits, the DIY option may be a good fit. DIY Process: the client will complete the online form on their own, submit it to LNN PC, have one review session with an attorney, print and notarize the documents on their own.

Power of Attorney

Grants a person the authority to act on another’s behalf; specifically, sign contracts or forms, engage in business transactions, and have access to financial accounts.


A legal document that provides a set of instructions with respect to who is to care for minor children, how assets (or money) and charitable gifts are to be distributed.

Health Care Proxy

Grants a person the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf. If you are incapacitated, this person will have the right to consult with your doctors, access your medical records, and make the best medical decisions possible.

The Basics Package